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If you’re already up-to-speed on the concept and key foundations of Income Advance and just need access to the most important implementation tools, here is a compilation of resources you help you get started right away.

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Quick Start Guide

  • Income Advance Program Overview: A high-level summary of how to implement Income Advance, key performance indicators you should track, and the best practices you need to know to make your program successful.

  • Income Advance Checklist: A checklist that outlines the key tasks that you’ll need to complete to implement Income Advance.

  • Income Advance FAQs: Answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you decide if Income Advance is right for your organization.

  • Leadership Pitch Deck: A presentation that lays out the value proposition for key organizational decision makers.

  • Financial Institution Pitch DeckA presentation that lays out the value proposition for prospective financial institution partners.

All Resources

These are the raw tools - from implementation guides, to communication toolkits, to presentations, to templates - everything you need to implement Income Advance is here. To learn how to use them, head over to the Teach Me section.

I've seen the tools above and I've decided I'd like some step-by-step support through the process of implementing Income Advance.

I want to learn more about the basics of Income Advance, the positive impact it can have, and the resources it will take to implement at my business.